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Adventures in Writing Activities for for K-5: Using the 6-Trait Analytic Scale Second Edition
by Millie Muzyka and Jennifer Beasley
(Grades K-5)

This text offers many activities for the elementary school teacher who wishes to use the 6-Trait Analytic Scale for instruction. Adventures in Writing has many classroom-tested activities, examples of elementary students' writing in each of the trait areas, and also includes suggestions in using children's literature in many of the traits.


Choosing Their Own Course Student-Directed Writing and Research

by Jennifer L. Heller 

This text explores the possibilities of self-directed study and independent learning.  The book also examines the use of choice as it relates to motivation and learning.  It includes an abundance of suggested projects and ways to implement them in the classroom.


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Demystifying the Magic: Strategies for Creatively Teaching the Writing of the Narrative, the Essay, and the Poem
by Teena Winter
(Grades 9-12) 

This book explores strategies for getting students to write creative and original descriptions, fiction, narratives, essays, and poems. It is chock full of handouts that can go straight to the classroom and contains tips for teachers that can help them identify strategies and skills which develop voice in their student's writing.


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This Thing Called Voice: A Guide to Assist Students in the Search for Voice in Writing
by Shirley J. Yarick

This guide is chock full of activities and ideas for teachers to guide students in the search for their voices in writing. The format is a step-by-step process in understanding the "sound" of voice by exploring "showing" writing, point of view, tone, diction, and style in examples of student writing, young adult literature, and short story classics. Activities provide students with opportunities to explore and develop their own voices.


Using the 6-Trait Analytic Scale for Instruction: Activities for the Classroom 2nd Edition 6-12
by John H. Bushman, F. Todd Goodson and Jim Blasingame
(Grades 6-12) 

This text provides descriptors of the 6-Trait Analytic Scale, classroom tested activities, student activity sheets, and many examples of student writing in each trait area.  This revised edition includes many more activities and provides examples of student writing with corresponding assessments and has a descriptive rationales for each assessment.


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Using Writing and Reading Workshop in the Real Classroom
by Kelly A. Tines

This text details on teacher's realistic experience using the workshop method. The guide relates information regarding management, expectations and requirements, mini-lessons, conferencing, and evaluating students in both writing and reading workshop. Multiple appendices are included to provide readers with supplemental classroom materials. Ideas have been tried in the actual classroom, and both positive and negative aspects of activities are discussed. Although the guide is written from the perspective of a middle school teacher, most activities are adaptable to both the elementary and high school levels as well.


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Wild Words How to Train Them to Tell Stories
by Sandy Asher

Wild Words presents advice for budding writers on how to put ideas down on paper in language that is expressive and literate, how to bring characters to life, how to line up a plot, and how to polish the final product.


Write About This!  Creative Journal Prompts
by Brenda Kay White 
(Grades 6 - 12) 

Write About This! A collection of journal prompts that spans 10 writing types from narrative and descriptive to letters and poetry.  Includes prompts for reinforcing skills such as inferences, cause and effect, and problem solving.  Also includes prompts for every holiday and a collection of 60 quick writes.  Totaling 172 fully illustrated creative journal prompts.


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The Write Approach: A Technical Writing Course for High School
by Shirley J. Yarick

This writing study for high school students incorporates a sequential experience of developing writing through sensory language, chronology, critical thinking and analysis while processing paragraphs to the essay form. Writing experiences include correspondence formats, creating a resume, note-taking skill, publicity and news releases, description, narration, and illustration. The study finishes with the more challenging writing tasks of process analysis, opinion, contrast and comparison, problem/solution, and I-Search project.


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The Write Course
2nd Edition
by Shirley J. Yarick
Teachers Edition -
$21.95 Student Edition - $19.95

This text is a compilation of writing assignments developed specifically for the non-traditional college freshman enrolled in the basic English composition courses at a community college. Writing exercises prepare students for the type of writing they might encounter in the business world. Response writing to literature and poetry and an I-Search approach to research writing are included. Students finish the semester with the preparation of a portfolio of best work and a reflection of learning writing.


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Writing Lives: The Place of Personal Narrative in the Teaching of Writing
by Jean Ketter

The author addresses the objections to using personal narrative and autobiographical writing in the classroom. She does this by presenting many classroom ideas for challenging the myths of personal and autobiographical writing.


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