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Practical Materials for the Busy Classroom Teacher

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Appreciative Listening: The Forgotten Art
by Constance Hoag, Ed. D.

Teachers report their overriding classroom concern is that students do not listen. The author of this book believes that listening attitudes, skills and behaviors need to be given renewed emphasis in today's classrooms. However, without the proper tools, clear goals and ready examples, busy teachers find it difficult to teach, practice, and model listening. This text provides the practicing teacher and future educators with user-friendly rationale valuing listening, as well as examples and practical strategies to teach appreciative listening through a variety of curricular areas. Appreciative Listening: The Forgotten Art is ready for immediate classroom implementation.


Creating Active Readers 
by Chris Yancey 

The purpose of Creating Active Readers is to give teachers a user-friendly guide to many reading strategies they can use in their classrooms.  The book divides the strategies into pre-reading, during reading, and after reading strategies in order to accommodate each teacher's intentions.  Each strategy contains suggestions for the types of reading that it would be most useful for as well as how the strategy can be applied to various content areas.  The book also contains examples of how certain strategies have worked in the classroom as well as reproducible worksheets.


Enhancing Comprehension Across the Curriculum with QAR 
by Robyn Parker and Stephanie Svaty 

This book is designed to help teachers implement the QAR Reading Strategies using quality literature in a variety of genres.  Students are exposed to QAR and Multiple Mark Questions while integrating literature and skills.  Questions in this format are a major emphasis on many assessments teachers are required to administer.


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Teaching Students to Analyze Narrative Text using Casual Chain Strategies and Written Retellings
by Gerry A. Coffman and Judy K. Oliver

The book is designed to serve as a manual for elementary and middle school teachers who are interested in teaching narrative text. The casual chain strategies have all been implemented with elementary level students, however several of the stories and accompanying materials are applicable for middle school. The information on retellings describes a systematic method for creating retelling protocols with examples of several stories. Interviews with teachers provide related strategies for narrative text instruction at the primary level. The book will give teachers a user-friendly manual for the teaching of narrative text.


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Using Question-Answer Relationships With Children's Literature  
by Jannette Allai and Donna Martin


This resource guide has been developed for teachers by teachers. The assignments in this resource guide can involve students listening as a book is shared, reading a book independently, identifying QAR items for the book, and then responding in writing. This guide can be used to implement and evaluate the Question-Answer Relationships (QARs) reading strategy. Data gathered from completion of the activities can be documented for individual students, an entire class, school, or district.


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