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Practical Materials for the Busy Classroom Teacher

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Mini Posters

11" x 17" Laminated Two-Color Mini Posters of
Well-Known Young Adult Authors

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To view a larger size of a mini poster, click on the Will Hobb's poster above.

Big Enough to Make Special Impact
Small Enough So Many Can Be Grouped Together
Just the Right Size for Special Displays

Price List

1-5 posters $6.50 ea
6-10 posters $5.95 ea
11+ posters $5.50 ea

Authors tell of their interests, where they get ideas and their writing processes. They share a special message to writers and readers. See what authors have to say about

bulletspecial interests
bulletreading and writing
bulletunique sources for ideas


Sandy Asher Lois Lowry Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Sue Ellen Bridgers Gary Soto Richard Peck
Alden Carter Chris Crutcher Lois Ruby
Carolyn Cooney M. E. Kerr Harry Mazer
Robert Cormier Norma Fox Mazer Paul Janeczko
Lois Duncan Lensey Namioka Paul Zindel
Will Hobbs Bruce Brooks Sara Holbrook
Sharon Creech Vicki Grove Karen Hesse
David Harrison Sharon Draper Christopher Paul Curtis
Mary Peace Finley Rodman Philbrick June Rae Wood
Andrea Warren Ann Brashares Mel Glenn
Michael Carey Cynthia Leitich Smith Gordan Korman
Sue Mayfield Sonya Sones Kimberly Willis Holt
Dian Curtis Regan Laurie Halse Anderson

"Literacy is not an elective."
Richard Peck

"I love music, all kinds, old jazz, pop songs, Beatles, U2, early Bruce Springsteen."
Robert Cormier

"I could no more stop writing than I could stop breathing."
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor


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