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Thematic Units for the Secondary Classroom:  Content and Skills Connect
edited by Jill Adams

The similarities between a spider web and thematic units can be striking.  Thematic units take a great deal of time to plan -- looking at standards/goals, objectives, tests, activities, and the pivotal center of the web, the theme; it works to connect all to these items together in a useful, powerful manner.  Additionally, the stickiness of the unit connects the content and skills of the lessons so they remain with students long after the lesson is over.  This book contains 9 units that are ready for classroom use.

 Singing Their Own Songs: Strategies for Writing Poetry  Primary through Middle School
 by Millie Muzyka

This book offers strategies for helping students from the primary level through middle level. The activities included in this handbook are intended to spark the fire of creativity in the instructor and student. The activities can be customized to fit the appropriate grade level.



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