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Practical Materials for the Busy Classroom Teacher

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 Finishing Touches

You'll want to stock up on these items to express your interest in writing -- and in sharing that interest with your students.

bullet"Meet the Challenge -- Teach Writing" ceramic mug $5.95
bullet"To Write, To Read, To Learn" tote bag $12.95
bullet"Experience the World -- Read" travel cup $3.50
bulletPost It Notes featuring quotes from well-known authors about writing $1.90 per pack or $5.20 for 3 packs
bulletPacket of Excuses -- Well-known student excuses often heard by teachers in the classroom. "You mean we had to write it in ink!" "Do we get extra for this?" "Will this be on the test?" and many more. Each saying is accompanied by a cartoon interpreting the excuse. Great for classroom display.  Packet of 20 - $4.95
bulletExcuses Note Cards -- Assortment of 4 different cards taken from the "Packet of Excuses". 20 printed cards with envelopes. Plastic wrapped - $4.95, gift wrapped - $5.95

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